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Blogger The Reviewer said...

Love it my man - check this out when you have the time -

8:36 AM  
Anonymous Bob Green said...

You may be interested to know that Willie Wright, whose 1978 classic LP "Telling the Truth" was released by Chicago re-issue label Numero Group last year,
has made a completely new album. He got together with some lifelong friends and musical collaborators in Burlington, Vermont and recorded 9 new original compositions. He is now 73, coping with Parkinson's, but can still make arrestingly beautiful music with thoughtful lyrics. Willie's new record (released on Green Coil Records on April 24, 2012) is called
"This is not a Dream" and it's wonderful - His voice is fragile, but focused and powerful. The material is all new originals penned and played by Willie, who has switched to keyboard as his main instrument. Here's his web site where you can buy it, (shipping to UK and worldwide at no extra cost) and it also has a link to his MySpace page where you can hear all the tunes.
Willie and I have been playing music and been friends for 45 years, and, being 2 strange old men, we decided to form this company and take another ride on the "Soul Train," not just for old time's sake, but for the MUSIC.
Bob Green

9:38 AM  
Blogger Red Kelly said...

Thanks, Bob. Sounds great!

10:11 AM  

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