Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We'll See if this works...


if you've somehow navigated to this page and are reading this, what you're looking at is a site I'm working on that will focus on soul music by artists who are very unknown... by that I mean, a "google" on them produces no results.

We wanna change that.



Blogger paul siegel said...

red, came across your b-sides heaven just recently and it's right up my alley...and from there, i found my way here...i have been a soul music fanatic for most of my 56 years and i have a special connection with new orleans music, and with many of the great musicians and people, of new orleans...(as soon as i found b-sides heaven, i emailed it to allen toussaint, who really dug it)...

your writing and your commentary is right on-incisive, interesting, and smart...

keep up the great work..i love it!

4:22 PM  
Blogger Red Kelly said...


Hi Paul...

what a total surprise to actually find a comment up here in the construction zone!

thank you for the kind words.

Allen Toussaint is, in my opinion, the man who has created more quality B sides than any other person that ever lived! For that we are all forever in his debt... the fact that he has visited my humble website does my heart good.

He has always been cordial and open and just plain nice on the few occasions that I've had the pleasure to meet him... please let him know that all of us in the B side family love and appreciate all he's done for music in this country.

He is truly a class act!

( far as this offshoot site goes, the very first "case" for us 'soul detectives' begins with a DEESU 45. Stay tuned!) - red

8:53 PM  
Anonymous consciousme said...

Cool.. hey man since you're still working on this site do you want me to link you FHHN or wait until you get some content up...?

12:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

rdd, nice to hear the kind words about allen...i totally agree...and one of the few bright spots in this whole mess in new orleans is the fact that great musicians like allen have blessed us with their presense in nyc, and in other places around the country...

"soul music" having been rather on obession of mine for quite some time, whether it's from new orleans or memphis or might be nice to "chat" by email with you about some of personal favorites...

as busy as i am with my "day gig" (i produce and distribute dvds for musicians that feaature great drummers, etc, if you have a chance, feel free to email me at

thanks again for the stuff that you are doing in the name of this great music...

8:18 AM  
Blogger MadPriest said...

Hi Red good afternoon from across the pond.
I have three Haywood tracks on c.d. - all on the U.K. Kent label ( part of Ace Records ).
"I Wanna Love You" on "Pounds of Soul" (compiler - John Ridley)
"Warm And Tender Love" on "The U.K. Sue Story Vol. 4" (compiler - Mike Atherton)
"Let Me Whisper In Your Ear" on "For Connoisseurs Only, Vol. 2" (compiler - Ady Croasdell)
Ady is a font of information - contact him via the Ace Records website.
You may not have heard the unreleased "Let Me Whisper..." It's at
should you want to give it a listen.
Keep the faith

9:42 AM  
Blogger keaneyes said...

This is incredible!
I thought I could offer some info about Joe Haywood. But as I read down I discovered that you had every bit of info I could possibly offer (and a lot more).

12:25 AM  
Blogger Red Kelly said...

Guys... thanks so much for responding.

Rev - I'm gonna add your info to the post, only the link to the unreleased track doesn't seem to work (and since I don't have an e-mail for ya I figured I'd put it up here...)... If you read this, check the url for me. thanks again!

3:32 AM  
Blogger MadPriest said...

Hi Red

The above address seems to be working.

12:21 PM  
Blogger MadPriest said...

Hi Red

It seems to be working


12:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PLease put the team to work on the great Lee Bates. Love this guy.
Unfortunately, I can't find any info on him and have only heard International Playboy & Mean Mistreater

9:41 AM  
Blogger Todd Lucas said...

Another terrific blog. It's already been added to the links over at It's Great Shakes.

1:14 PM  
Blogger Keeping Soul Alive said...

Hi Red

Lee Bates would be good artist to investigate.

If you need any help then please let me know.



9:25 AM  
Blogger ThreeGems said...

I have read your current article on Soul Detective and would like to inform you that your information is wrong. I am the daughter of Roy C. Hammond and the administrator of his affairs. He is in no way connected with Shelia Cauthen. She is not the head of anything in this company. Mr. Hammond (My father) has no dealings with Roya Records. He is not under Roya Records label. This company is not associated with Mr. Hammond. Mr. Hammond is the CEO of Carolina Record Dist. and Three Gems Records. He is under his label and his label only. Ms. Cauthen does not own any of J. Hines masters. All masters on Nationwide, Three Gems and Alaga is owned solely by Roy C. Hammond. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Mr. Hammond at or you may contact him at Carolina Records at (803) 584-3704

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Orlando Jackson said...

Hi Red,
I been reading your sites for sometime but have never posted, it's so good to see writing about artists that I love but cannot discus with my peirgroup as they have closed their ears to music over 6 weeks old it seems. I do try very hard to show them how great S.Soul is!
I'm pleased to hear you've met my hero (Allen Toussaint) and he's as sweet and wonderful as every track he's written, played or produced.
Keep up the fantastic work.
What about some detective work into Esquerita or Skipp Easterling?
All the best,
Orlando Jackson

8:57 AM  

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