Sunday, December 20, 2009

A Christmas Mystery

Funky Funky Christmas

Here's one I picked up somewhere recently that I know nothing about. Not a particularly rare record, it shows up from time to time on eBay, and gets included in many a holiday mix...

But, like, who were these guys? The only additional information I could find was on a site called Christmas Music Everyday, where they date the 45 as being from 1970, and call it a "Nice slab of Midwest funk..." I've never heard of the NIKE label, and the two names listed as songwriters, C. Colbert and P. Wilson, don't ring any bells with me.



Soul Santa

Alright, folks, here's the B side of our mystery record by Electric Jungle. I'll tell ya, whoever the vocalist is here, he's really going for it! Two of our crack detectives have weighed in here already. The Stepfather of Soul said:

"Nike was a Chicago label owned by Colbert... Probably the best-known Nike record among rare soul fans is A.C. Reed's Boogaloo Tramp."

...and Agent 45 (aka Georgia Soul's Brian Poust) added:

"Electric Jungle was apparently an Artie White project and the Amazon notes for Funky Funky Chicago suggests that this is an Andre Williams production."

Pretty amazing stuff, guys, thanks! Just like Soul Santa, you keep comin' on strong! Merry Christmas, everybody!